AI-Driven Sensor + Geospatial Data Analytics platform

Monitor your most prized assets

MONITORED (MultifunctiONal aI plaTform fOr eaRth obsErvation Data) helps monitor your most prized assets quicker, smarter, and more effectively. We empower users by combining the analysis of massive amounts of rich geospatial data with in-situ sensor data, providing a holistic and insightful dashboard overview of their most prized assets.

Key Benefits


MONITORED's proprietary AI approach means the complex data analysis & insight generation takes minutes instead of days.

All Weather Conditions

Through the use of multispectral SAR-data, MONITORED can provide insights regardless of cloud cover or time of day.


The MONITORED dashboard gives operators all the insights they need to make the right decisions at the right time.


Our innovative Knowledge Pack technology allows operator expertise to be saved, recycled, and distributed massively.

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MONITORED analyses geospatial data provided by an array of satellites and monitors in-situ sensor data streams at the same time. This combination allows land surfaces to be monitored for an array of relevant changes with a high degree of precision and confidence, regardless of obstructive conditions such as cloud cover. Relevant reports and insights are delivered to a variety of users through case-specific dashboards.

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In May 2019 OPT/NET was awarded a 5Groningen contract for a feasibility study on MultifunctiONal plaTform fOr eaRth obsErvation Data (MONITORED) by ESA ARTES Integrated Applications Programme. The goal of the project is to promote the use of the Earth observation data from space in combination with highly local data transmitted from IoT sensors via 5G networks of KPN in the 5G Field Labs in Groningen – an initiative of Economic Board of Groningen and ESA. In the scope of this work OPT/NET will integrate its awards winning platforms TSAR AI and OptOSS AI into one common platform providing generic analytics services to the interested users for a holistic monitoring and generation of actionable insights for an area of interest. MONITORED can be applied for a variety of use-cases, ranging from smartagriculture to critical infrastructure monitoring or even maritime security. MONITORED will provide rapid intelligence capabilities to a wide host of users and industries.

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