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The OPTOSS platform automates the monitoring of any time-series data. Plus, by leveraging AI Knowledge Packs trained by leading experts, OPTOSS can identify, understand, and react to anomalies in your data streams.
This is a selection of use cases for OPTOSS.


Network Management

OPTOSS helps operators stay on top of their networks. It is capable of providing a real-time overview of your network architecture, whilst monitoring all the relevant performance and traffic indicators for anomalies. Mitigating the human error factor in network managament allows you to keep your customers satisfied at all times!

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IT Audits

Auditing IT infrastructure is a time and labor intensive process, with poor scalability. OPTOSS allows you to preserve and scale the knowledge of expert IT auditors, at a fraction of the price.

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The Use Cases for OPTOSS are limited by the breadth of available expertise. That's why we're excited to forge strategic partnerships experts from any and all industries & domains.

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