AI Driven Anomaly Detection for everything.

Real-time monitoring & detection, with no human error.

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Monitor your data in real time

Whether your data represents an intricate cluster of network hardware, massive volumes of streaming data, or complex telemetry feeds, the OPTOSS platform provides an intuitive and live overview of what's going on. More importantly, it detects anomalies as they unfold in real-time!


React intelligently using expert trained AI

Not only does OPTOSS help monitor your streaming data and detect anomalies in real-time, but by plugging in an AI Knowledge Pack it can autonomously classify and react to such anomalies.

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Monitor any time series data & detect anomalous patterns.

AI Knowledge Packs trained by leading experts plug into the OPTOSS platform.

AI Knowledge Packs allow events to be recognized, classified, and dealt with.

Processes occur live, enabling real-time mitigation.

Customers use OPTOSS to eliminate human error.

“OPTOSS is monitoring our most prized near-product services and guarantees zero tolerance for errors. This brings happy customers to our business. With OPTOSS, we shortened systems tuning and commissioning time from weeks to days. Typical incident resolution takes seconds to complete now, even before our customers can notice it! — We love OPTOSS, it's a true pioneer and top performer in AI based decision support systems!”
Adam Rizika
COO, Vidscale Inc.